book reviewAre you an author who has finally reached that milestone? You have finished your book! You are done, right? Wrong. Now it’s time to get copious amounts of reviews. I, too, have been where you are. As an indie author, I found it difficult to find book bloggers who were willing or able to review my book. Either they weren’t accepting reviews or their policies were too narrow. In other cases, they would not return my requests. I fully acknowledge that these reviewers are working for free and thus have no motivation to be inclusive or responsive. Well you’ve come to the right place. I don’t have many policies. I provide a guarantee that I will review your book!

Unlike other reviewers, I do require a donation for my reviews. Now let me explain why. My primary job is that of author. I supplement this by providing reviews and copywriting services. You are not paying for the content of the review just for the review itself. I will post the reviews on my website, Goodreads, Amazon, Google + Twitter, and tumblr.

Genres reviewed: All fiction and non-fiction books

Book formats accepted: print books or ebooks (EPub & PDF)

Review turn around time: I make every effort to review the books received in a timely fashion. While I do guarantee a review, I can’t give you a firm time until I receive your book. At that time, I will give you a firmer posting date.

Review Donation: The minimum donation is $10.00. You will receive a substantive review that will be posted on my website, Goodreads, Amazon, Google +, Twitter, and tumblr. Once I have accepted your review, please send me your print book or ebook via e-mail or postal mail. I will confirm receipt and then direct you to Paypal to make your donation. Once the donation is received, I will begin reading your book. I will send you the postal address for print books in the reply e-mail.

Please complete the review form below. I am looking forward to reading your work. Be encouraged!


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