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Don’t Talk Just Write

What I’m about to write is antithetical to the existence of this post, but… When I was penning my first book, I routinely tweeted my progress, angst, tips, etc. about anything writing or publishing related. The popular hashtag #amwriting and to a lesser extent #amediting or #indie (among others) would usually garner the most retweets […]

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Open Call: Get On Board The Blog Tour

Dear Bloggerly/Writerly Friends, Are you looking for free, fun, and adventurous ways to advertise a currently or upcoming published work or blog? If so, please join the “My Writing Process” Blog Tour. This is how it works: 1. Write a blog post that answers the following four questions: What am I working on? How does […]

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The Mystique is Gone. It’s Gone Away.

Almost¬†24 hours have elapsed since I…Myesha Danielle Jenkins…became a¬†published author. When I was neck deep in the process of getting to this milestone, it held a certain mystique. Intellectually, I knew there would be no outward difference. I touch my foot on the left of the finish line: unfinished. I touch my foot to the […]

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