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Existing while Black: not a regular person.

Today’s episode of Justice with Judge Mablean has me reflecting on the perils of existing while black. In this episode, the plaintiff, Jerome Mills, sued David Green for emotional distress. ¬†According to Mills, he was outside a restaurant phoning his mother to pick him up from a restaurant he’d just patronized. The defendant, Green approached […]

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The Privilege of Obtuseness

I was watching Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Robert Pattinson last night. As per usual, he was sort of awkward and clueless when he responded to questions. Jimmy asked him where all his belongings were since he was now homeless again. He bumbled through the answer. At first he wasn’t sure where his belongings were. Then […]

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Have Courage Not to ‘Man Up’

Gender exclusive language–its use in speaking and writing–was deeply frowned upon at my college. From the moment I stepped into any classroom at Emory University-across disciplines and departments–gender exclusive language was announced as a no-no. Before college, I was wholly ignorant that the use of “man/men” for the collective was a social norm that I […]

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