Much too often, I forget that I am free. I surrender my freedom to forces outside myself and stew in the miasma of my perceived situation. I focus inward and create a “woe is me” silo. In this state, I become helpless and fearful. These twins manifest as negativity and fatalism. Essentially, I become someone else. 

There’s only been one time in my life when this state lasted for more than a day or so. I’m casting this off because as I am settling into my vocation I’m becoming more and more forgetful. “STOP IT!” I say to myself. 

I am free and unbounded. Daily blessed to shape young minds, thereby shaping the very matter and course of the future. I have words and the ability to craft them into stories that others read and enjoy. I am called on to help others craft stories. I’m loved and adored in Spirit and in Truth. 

The challenge, the task is to remember that this freedom is mine, unbroken and unfiltered. Accomplishing this will surely bring that fulfillment I seek. It will overflow and break the bonds of others around me.

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