Sisyphus Must Die

Imagine your back yard is filled with various colored buttons, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. One of your tasks is to sort the buttons by color back into plastic bags and line them in your yard in equal rows and columns. There are 490,000 buttons. You have 5 days to do this. Additionally, you need to dig holes in the dirt with a spoon to bury any white buttons you find.

As you get to work, it starts to rain and you are tasked with filling small glass cups with the falling raindrops, but they cannot overflow. Now you need to make sure each glass has a button inside it. Someone is supposed to help you with this task daily, but that person may or may not show. Every hour, someone appears and adds 50 additional buttons. 

This is an exaggerated metaphor, but essentially it describes my life as a teacher. I’m not whining. I’m reflecting and accepting my fate. My Sisyphean task is breathtaking. The most important thing is for me to show up daily. Hmm these are my reflections for now.

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