Calling the roll

A homeroom teacher should never have to waste time taking attendance the old fashioned way: calling out names. There are a plethora of efficient ways for students to do this. A substitute teacher, in most cases, has to do so, although there are covert and efficient ways to do this as well. But if you ever have to call roll and mispronounce a student’s name, everyone but the student will correct you. They will correct you with attitude as if you did it on purpose. The student whose name you butchered won’t say a word.

Why is this? Why do the students think it is their, and not the affected student’s, responsibility to correct you? Why does the name holder sit back like a mouse? I mean it’s his or her name being mispronounced. Perhaps, this is the outgrowth of community at work. The students take responsibility for the student and the proper pronunciation of their name. This fascinates me, how learning communities are formed and their byproducts.

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