Unfolding Lotus Perching Butterfly

lotus_butterflyI’m no longer pounding the pavement. I’m back in the classroom as a substitute teacher in residence. Instead of being called to different schools in the district, I will be at one school everyday to sub and support as needed. I’ve come full circle in one respect. My first internship was at this school, and I am honored to be working at this excellent institution.

My search for a permanent teaching job has been rocky. In the last four years, I’ve only taught one full academic year. All the rest have been part year during which I joined the faculty late. In these cases, the school needed to add an additional class because of increased enrollment or the teacher resigned before the academic year ended. I’ve learned a great deal about teaching, learning, children, and school communities during this time. It is highly unlikely that I will accept another part year contract. If I am hired, it must be in the window before the school year begins.

I continue to work part time at the public library. I have no idea where I will end up: a full time teacher or a full time library associate. I don’t know and that is okay. In the daily moments, whether at school or at the library, I’ll soak everything in and sharpen every skill. I know I have a passion for teaching, learning, and service which work well in either setting. It feels refreshing not to grasp for it but to let it unfold…like a lotus and the answer perch there as a butterfly.

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