Volunteer in Your Local Campaign Office

Yesterday I volunteered with the Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter campaigns. Despite having an upper respiratory infection, I couldn’t say no. I was on my second day of meds and on the mend so…

When I entered the campaign office for my 4 o’clock shift on a Saturday, there were about 6 folks present. They were abuzz with political discussions or phone work. The field organizer had that glassy eyed look of someone who had worked all day, but was ready to work another days worth of hours. I could feel her passion. The passions of countless volunteers (those not present) oozed out of the walls.

After a brief political bantering, she sent my fellow volunteer and I out into the field to canvas. We were to go door to door of past voters and encourage them to vote early in this 2014 Midterm election. I was looking forward to shaking a few hands, but I agreed to be the designated driver. Thankfully, I had a full tank of gas! My cohort was an Army veteran who loved politics. He and I spent the entire time dishing about politics. We had 26 doors and 19 people to reach. Since this was our first time canvassing, she gave us half of the typical amount.

It was fun! My car became the Democracymobile. It was like a scavenger hunt of sorts. Most people were enthusiastic. Only one person reportedly never voted which was strange. Only registered voters were on the list. We returned to the office over 2 hours later to tally our data. The field organizer flitted over to us beaming with excitement. After more political banter, she had us both signed up for another shift. In a couple of days, I’ll be doing some phone banking.

Early voting in Georgia begins on Columbus Day, October 13. For more information, check out the Gwinnett Democrats website.

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