Ebola and Police Brutality

Which is the biggest menace in America (for blacks), Ebola or police brutality? I’d say the latter based on recent reports of black men and women being harassed and killed by police without cause. Even after producing papers or following other police orders, these black men and women are still in peril. They can still be shot. I must mention the children that have been present in some cases. When I roll by a person being pulled over and he or she is black, my heart jumps in fear for that person and in some cases for myself. Could that happen to me? I don’t worry, at least not yet, about Ebola.

If this is not addressed aggressively, no one (black, white, or brown) will be safe.

In Georgia the open carry law has been passed. This law allows you to carry your gun in public spaces at will. What would happen if black folks en masse took advantage of this law and began to carry just for protection…against the police?

These are two thought experiments that popped into my mind. Food for thought.

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