The Privilege of Obtuseness

I was watching Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Robert Pattinson last night. As per usual, he was sort of awkward and clueless when he responded to questions. Jimmy asked him where all his belongings were since he was now homeless again. He bumbled through the answer. At first he wasn’t sure where his belongings were. Then he kind of remembered that his stuff might be in a storage unit somewhere. I balked at his responses sleepily–it was late. I mumbled something like, “Oh those rich celebrities and the privilege of their obtuseness…how does he not know where his stuff is?  Rich people can afford to be obtuse. I know where all my stuff is.”

My husband chuckled at me, but was noncommittal. That got me to thinking. It really is a privilege of the rich and famous to be obtuse. When you have personal assistants at your beck and call, it is their job to schedule your life. As Robert Pattinson sat at Jimmy’s desk, I imagined his agent or assistant or both along with a plethora of stylists and others in his entourage ensuring that he got to his scheduled appointments on time and dressed. I’m sure they know where his stuff is.

There is another option. He could be play acting–being deliberately obtuse. Deliberate obtuseness is a penchant of the rich, famous, and those in power. I remember in another life I worked for an Executive Director who never had a clue about certain details. She was sharp and shrewd, but she would always ask these questions that made me wonder, “Are you that clueless?” I soon realized that she could empty her brain of such mundane details since we, her minions, were at the ready, happy to supply the answer.

Well I have never been able to be obtuse. I’m not rich, famous, or powerful. I always know where my stuff is.

Disclaimer: Robert Pattinson was not harmed in the writing of this post. I am indifferent towards R.P.

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