Landlines Should Be Cheaper

We are trimming the unnecessary fat in our fiscal house. As one of the dwindling numbers of consumers who still have landlines, I examined the phone bill to see where we could save a couple of pennies. I called the phone titan AT&T and inquired about our current services. We had the following:

Complete Choice Phone Package $39.00

Unlimited Long Distance $13.38

High Speed Ultra Internet $39.00

There was a lot of fat to cut here. I requested the removal of the long distance service all together. The customer service agent complied. I had stated my desire for a bare bones landline service with no amenities. I was prepared for some resistance because titans like AT&T “bundle” services so that a la carte services and products are more or only a couple of dollars less than the bundled product, forcing one to keep the bundle.

After 86ing the long distance, I attacked the phone package. I was able to get it down to $23.05 for a simple ole’ phone line. At one point, I said, “Don’t you have something for $19.99?” After all the cutting–mild as it was– I was left with the $23.05 landline charge (sans long distance, caller ID, and voice mail) and my high speed internet service (still including the touch and go speed at times).

It’s ridiculous, highway robbery, for a landline to cost $23.05. When we can afford it, we will transition our alarm system so we won’t need a landline. I need to call back and investigate whether or not I can cut the landline further. Landlines should be no more than $10 when it has no other amenities. I also need to investigate cheaper internet providers.

Check out this video about net neutrality, something titans in the cable industry are trying to do away with. The video is 13 minutes,  but John Oliver explains it in an informative and entertaining


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