Don’t Talk Just Write

What I’m about to write is antithetical to the existence of this post, but…

When I was penning my first book, I routinely tweeted my progress, angst, tips, etc. about anything writing or publishing related. The popular hashtag #amwriting and to a lesser extent #amediting or #indie (among others) would usually garner the most retweets and likes when appended to said tweets. This practice boosted my followers and gave me a little esteem lifter here and there. It also gave me the sense, albeit false, that there was a community of like minded, like oriented folks out there pulling for me as I was rooting for them. I belonged to 0 writing groups and had 0 writerly friends so this was important at the time.

Now that I’ve published and am working on my second novel, I no longer tweet about my writing process. It is really a time sap. Many of my followers are pounding the virtual pavement trying to peddle a service. It may be book promotion, cover art, editing, or any of the concomitant things related to publishing at any point in the pipeline. (I even joined the peddling. I copy edit and review books!)

Now I write in solitude. Truthfully, I’ve always written that way. It’s just that I know it now.

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