On Mothering and Parenthood

 photo 6a00d83452b15969e20176168da4c1970c-800wi_zpsd1cf0eae.jpgMothering is unwieldy, well at least for me. I am the mother of one teenage girl child. I think I need a pink slip. Helicopter parenting worked in elementary school and to a lesser extent in middle school. As her will grows and she becomes more and more like she is, I am getting more clueless. No amount of propellers will do the job.

Some people learn life’s lessons by proxy. I fear my daughter has to learn first hand–by experience. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I am at the last step–acceptance. Instead of helicopter I am morphing into scaffolding. I thought I could be like those celebrated mom’s who demand and expect excellence. Those big mammas who force their children to do this or that. Years later the kids of those saintly mothers look back and say, “I don’t know how she did it. She did X or Y and I am better for it.” I have done my share of X and Y, but now it has gone from lecturing to a battle of wills.

Now I shall be scaffolding. I know I’ll continue to lecture and battle the wills with my husband my side. But we shall be scaffolding


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