Rapture came early…Fancy that!

That’s right! I’m feeling exceedingly happy because my novel, Rapture now available for sale on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. I have much to share about this self-publishing odyssey. Those stories must be left for future posts–the angst, the solitary sitting in the chair. the whining–mine–, and the clumsiness. I’ll share a little about the latter.

I am dangerous when I’m happy. I get clumsy. Instead of being a room without a roof, I will blow up the entire house. Today, I elbowed my husband in the eye, knocked a painting off the wall, and opened an unpopped container of microwavable popcorn (by mistake). More about that later.

I debated on a soft opening, but hey, why must I wait?

Introducing Rapture

Two women. Two marriages. Love changes.


Candace Vance is the wife of Rev. Nathanial Vance, the mother of two sons, and an elementary school teacher. Seemingly content in a happily married default mode, she crosses paths with Adia Knight and grasps for something different.

Seeking to renew her marriage, Adia Knight agrees to relocate to Atlanta after her husband, Judah, accepts his dream job as the director of an addiction counseling center. Adia is a self-proclaimed writer and part time lecturer trying to find her way professionally. She is uninspired and between teaching jobs.

Candace and Adia are drawn to each other, becoming fast friends. They are soon entangled by their consuming love and passion. Candace envisions a forever love with Adia. Adia is content with the love they have right now. Their tumultuous bond threatens the very foundation of the lives they have built with their husbands.

Get caught up in the Rapture.


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