Need Book Review?

Are you a newly published author who is finding it difficult to get reviews? Perhaps you have trolled book bloggers’ sites–the review policy section–and scratched your head at the following:

  • Narrow, exclusive policies
  • No guarantee that your book will be reviewed
  • A “not taking any new reviews” disclaimer
  • No response after you complete the review form

Reviews are what will convince potential buyers to click (or not to click) that purchase button. At this crucial time, after you’ve expended a tremendous amount of effort to birth your baby…reach this milestone, you shouldn’t have to be discouraged by yet another speed bump in the road.

I will review your book and post it on my website and a host of other social media outlets. I promise a fair and impartial review. Additionally, I don’t have any restrictions on what I will review–fiction or non-fiction. The only thing I ask for is a small donation of $10. ┬áPlease read my review policy for more detailed information and the review form. Be encouraged!